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Renée Trnková


It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
H. D. Thoreau
   You can see my paintings in my own private gallery near Prague, Czech Rep. - tel. +420 602 253837
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Welcome to my world...

The world surrounding us is full of stunnig colors and shapes. Everything changes and continues and before we know it, the moment is already gone, replaced by another one.
The paintings you can see here are inspired mainly by nature, flowers and plants; the vast majority of them by my own garden to which I often refuge. The plants change unceasingly with seasons, with days and even during the day. I try to capture at least some of these impressions.

There is a story behind each painting, each one is connected to a unique experience.
I hope that you will feel this energy and it will bring you joy.

Renée Trnková

cell phone: +420 602 253 837
e-mail: renee.trnkova@post.cz

last update: July1,2021l  
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Renée Trnková   e-mail: renee.trnkova@post.cz  l  cell: (+420) 602 253 837  l